Marettimo - West of Sicily


Uncontaminated nature

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Médithéâtres: Trapani Tours

If you are planning a trip to Western Sicily, thanks to the Médithéâtres project, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Mediterranean culture. Between visits to archaeological...

Médithéâtres: Tours in Tunis

Here is a possible 3-day cultural tour in Tunis, including the 2023 event program of the Tunis Opera House and points of interest in the city.   TOUR OF THREE DAYS   Day 1 Mor...

Monte Inici

Castellammare is surrounded by a mountainous complex that includes the high peaks of Monte Inici (1064 m) and Pizzo delle Niviere (1043 m), the mountains of Cozzo Monaco (773 m), Pizzo Brando (638 m) ...

The bike path of the Stagnone di Marsala

The bike path of Stagnone in Marsala is one of the most beautiful cycle-tourist routes in Italy. Stretching for 7.6 km, it traverses the enchanting landscape of the Saline and the charming islets of t...

Sustainable gastronomy

Unique flavors in harmony with the environment
The raw materials of Western Sicily are among the most appreciated not only in Italy but also worldwide. It's not hard to imagine what makes them so famous: their bold and genuine flavors, made possib...

Nature Reserve of Lo Stagnone

Lo Stagnone is a nature reserve located in Marsala. Its ecological and historical significance has made it a unique example of balance between sustainable development and environmental protection. ...

Museum of Mediterranean Patterns

The Museum of Mediterranean Patterns is a heterogeneous and multicultural place, a blend of cultures and ideas rich in treasures, artifacts, and extraordinary works. Born and sponsored by the Orestiad...

Museums Complex of Salemi

The fascinating village of Salemi is full of museums, many of which are gathered within the Museums Complex, carefully preserving its precious historical and artistic heritage. The Museums Complex ...

The "Agostino Pepoli" Regional Museum

This museum, a must-visit if you find yourself in Trapani, is located in a historically significant palace and houses works of art of immeasurable beauty. During your visit to Western Sicily, you d...

Contemporary Art Museum (MAC)

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Gibellina is a civic museum that includes over 400 works of contemporary art. These represent only a small part of the over two thousand works that make up the ...

Trekking on Mount Inici

Castellammare del Golfo
Castellammare del Golfo enjoys a diverse and rich landscape, not only with its renowned coasts but also with the mountains that frame them. Throughout the year, it is possible to organize excursions t...


Castellammare del Golfo
Castellammare and Scopello offer kilometers of coastline with a unique sea for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. In particular, the entire western coast provides unique and rich seabeds. There are ma...
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