Experiences - West of Sicily


A thousand trips in one.

If you had to describe the west of Sicily with just one adjective, it would probably be “astonishing".

World-class archaeological sites, cities built on the interweaving of different cultures, stunning nature, age-old traditions, eclectic cuisine – and all at your fingertips. All in one single trip. Each of us takes home from a holiday different memories, moments, experiences, places, but here there are so many things to do that you might need a little help choosing.

Holiday Ideas

There are plenty of must-see places in the west of Sicily to take with you in your suitcase of unforgettable memories. You’re sure to find whatever floats your boat!

How long are you staying?

It’s not a question of time, it’s a question of which of the 1000 trips in one to choose.
The west of Sicily is an area so rich in cultural, natural, food and wine destinations and traditional activities to be discovered that however many days you have available, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a complete trip, tailored to your needs.


The climate of the west of Sicily, which never gets too cold, makes it a region that can be enjoyed outdoors all year round. What’s more, its important festivals and traditions and the lively cultural events organised throughout the area in all seasons ensure that any time of the year is a good time to visit.

Experiences to be lived

The west of Sicily is an extraordinary region: an ancient culture nestled in the beauty of its nature, with amazing culinary and craft traditions.
In this area of the three-pointed island, where distances are easily overcome, you can enjoy unique experiences: because the west of Sicily is a land of a thousand experiences.
All that remains is to choose what best suits you!

Sport & Well-being

Sport is good for your body and your health. Practising it in the midst of fairytale scenery, such as that of the west of Sicily, is good for the eyes and for the soul. Discover the wildest part of the region by trekking, diving into the blue waters, horse riding through the beauty of nature, “flying” over the waves on a kite and much more: you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to exploring the west of Sicily in any way you like.

Boating holidays

The coastline of the west of Sicily is so beautiful and full of magical places, including the many caves on the islands, that you can’t miss the chance to discover it.
Whether you bring your own boat and use the numerous marinas and their services, take part in organised day trips or even hire a boat for private use, you can discover western Sicily from a totally different point of view!

Holidays with pets

The west of Sicily is a great place to enjoy a pet-friendly holiday, thanks to the many places to visit, paths to follow and open spaces in which to spend time with your four-legged friends.


So many events to follow, in all seasons of the year! The west of Sicily is a land of ancient cultures and traditions that now converge to create a vibrant cultural life in its villages, towns and cities.