Places - West of Sicily


Among countless things to see, choose the ones that inspire you the most.

The places of the west of Sicily represent pieces of a unique and exceptional geographical mosaic.

 A territory so special that it can be considered both in geographical terms and in an ideal sense, since the places that make it up – from cities to nature, from art to beaches – make it the perfect destination for a dream holiday.There are so many stunning places to visit, experience and discover that a holiday here is worth a thousand holidays.

Towns and Villages

In western Sicily, there are countless places to get to know and experience, all in exceptional locations and with unique characteristics, but with an intrinsic bond that unites them: beauty, in all its forms.


The sea in western Sicily is more than a natural element, it is an extraordinary door between East and West, an expanse of profound blue, one of the main economic resources for thousands of years.
It has always been intertwined with its history, its economy, its people. And it is one of the most extraordinary sights you will ever experience.


Mother Nature, or whoever she is, has been particularly generous around here. Western Sicily is a continuous spectacle, each corner is a reward for your trip. Sea, woods, mountains, nature reserves and much, much more.

Art and Culture

Western Sicily is one of the places with the highest concentration of cultural heritage in the world. Over the millennia, the territory has absorbed and reinterpreted styles, cultural and artistic influences from all over the Mediterranean areas. This mix of cultures and peoples has made western Sicily one of the most fascinating territories of the planet.