Taste - West of Sicily


Certainly one of our greatest assets. Discover them all.

To get to know the west of Sicily, you can go on a journey through taste:

an immersion in the flavours, aromas, in the richness of the unique products of the region, in the local dishes steeped in all the Mediterranean tradition, in its delicious sweets and, last but not least, in its delicious wines.

A sensory discovery that will grab you like a revelation! In the west of Sicily, the richness and refinement of food and wine are a journey within a journey. Taste is one of the guiding principles on which to build your holiday.

Local products

The discovery of the countless local products of the west of Sicily is worth the trip alone. A priceless heritage that has made the gastronomic culture of the west of Sicily appreciated the world over.

Vine and Wine

If you had been here in the 8th Century BC, you would have enjoyed not only the beauty of the area but also a glass of wine. In fact, the love of wine in western Sicily goes back a long way. The Greek and Phoenician colonists who arrived on the island are said to have started the viticulture that in the western part of the island today boasts a centuries-old winemaking tradition.

Gourmet events

A multicultural cuisine that is deeply rooted in the territory and whose foundations rest on the excellence of its products: welcome to the west of Sicily, where good food culture is an essential ingredient.