Local Products

Every few kilometres there is a must-try specialty.

An edible heritage. The discovery of the countless local products of the west of Sicily is worth the trip alone.

A priceless heritage that has made the gastronomic culture of the west of Sicily appreciated the world over, both for its richness and uniqueness, and for the certified wholesomeness and provenance of its products, which boast numerous  Slow Food Presidia. Indeed, terroir is a fundamental element of local dishes, prepared with this region’s unique products.

The gastronomic experience in the west of Sicily is a journey within a journey, through the many traditional specialities created by the fusion of multiple influences and cultures over thousands of years and through the variety of the local ingredients. Every dish in this region is a “slice” of history.

Biscotti di fico

Fig biscuits (also known as “Buccellati” in other parts of Sicily) form part of the confectionery traditions of the west of Sicily, especially in the Agro Ericino and Valderice areas, and are prepa...


A sweet listed in the register of traditional Sicilian agri-food products , the cubbaita, a sweet of Arab origin, owes its deliciousness to almonds and honey. An irresistible almond cake, sometimes...


A traditional sweet for the feast of Santa Lucia, the cuccìa has ancient origins and numerous delicious variations. Its unmistakable ingredients are cooked wheat, seasoned with vino cotto – accordi...

Cassatelle in brodo

These “cassatedde” – traditional ravioli from the west of Sicily, notably the Agro Ericino area – have a strong flavour. Made with local products, such as the sheep’s milk ricotta used to stuff them a...

Sfince di San Giuseppe

Traditionally made for the feast of San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph’s Day), 19 March, sfince are said to have ancient origins, as suggested by the etymology of their name, of Latin origin: “spongia”, a sof...

“Tonnara” products

This category comprises the various products derived from tuna processing: tuna in olive oil, tuna offal, ventresca (tuna belly), tuna salami or “ficazza”, tuna heart, tuna bottarga and other varietie...

Valli Trapanesi Olive Oil PDO

The landscape of the west of Sicily is characterised by the foliage of the olive trees that dot the countryside; an ancient, typically Mediterranean tree that spread to this part of the island under t...

Pizza Rianata

This delicious pizza is an ambassador for local ingredients, which combine perfectly to enhance the traditional flavours of the local produce. Its name derives from the main ingredient in its recip...

Pesto alla trapanese

An ode to cultural fusion
Pesto alla trapanese could be described as a gastronomic ambassador for the west of Sicily in its simplicity, which evokes authentic flavours and aromas of times gone by. An example of culinary fus...

Trapani Sea Salt PGI

Considered “white gold” since ancient times, salt is one of the oldest minerals formed on Earth and has always been valued by humans: for preserving and seasoning food, as a remedy against certain end...

Cous Cous

San Vito Lo Capo
Couscous is a semolina-based dish of Berber origin and a traditional part of North African cuisine. In Sicily, this dish perfectly embodies the Arab cultural legacy and is a symbol of integration betw...

Muccunetti di Mazara del Vallo

Mazara del Vallo
These sweets with pumpkin derive from the exquisite claustral tradition, a tradition that was created to support the convents – as pastries represented a source of income – and which has become a corn...
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