Local Products - West of Sicily

Local Products

Every few kilometres there is a must-try specialty.

An edible heritage. The discovery of the countless local products of the west of Sicily is worth the trip alone.

A priceless heritage that has made the gastronomic culture of the west of Sicily appreciated the world over, both for its richness and uniqueness, and for the certified wholesomeness and provenance of its products, which boast numerous  Slow Food Presidia. Indeed, terroir is a fundamental element of local dishes, prepared with this region’s unique products.

The gastronomic experience in the west of Sicily is a journey within a journey, through the many traditional specialities created by the fusion of multiple influences and cultures over thousands of years and through the variety of the local ingredients. Every dish in this region is a “slice” of history.


Buseto Palizzolo
This traditional fresh pasta from the cuisine of Trapani, in the shape of thin tubes wound around each other, is said to have inherited its name from the tool traditionally used to make it. There a...


Cannoli is certainly the true emperor of Sicilian confectionery: a true symbol of the excellence of the island’s art of sweet-making, which has been listed by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Fo...

Nubia red garlic

A dominant ingredient in Sicilian cuisine, and indeed western cuisine in general, garlic is an almost alchemical ingredient in recipes with unmistakable flavours, where its strong smell and aroma help...

“Pizzutello” tomato

The “Pizzutello” tomato thrives in the salinity of the red, clayey soil in which it is planted, in the Ericine valleys that stretch down to the sea towards Trapani and Paceco. An agricultural product ...

“Cartucciaru” yellow melon

Cultivated in rotation in the distinctive soil of the Saline di Trapani and Paceco nature reserve, which is characterised by its firm, clayey texture, the Cartucciaru yellow melon is a Slow Food presi...

Polpette di Tonno

A dish of humble origins, but for the most discerning of palates. Traditionally, tuna fishermen received, in addition to their salary, scraps of tuna, which were mixed with breadcrumbs in the island’s...

“Gambero rosso” (giant red shrimp)

Mazara del Vallo
The aristaeomorpha foliacea – the “gambero rosso” or giant red shrimp – a delicious crustacean that is appreciated by chefs all over the world, is strongly linked to the history of the town of Mazara ...

Castelvetrano black bread

An ancient flavour
The defining ingredient of this bread is tumminia (timilia), an ancient, dark-coloured wheat variety, which is mixed with white flour, making it a soft and flavoursome bread of exceptional quality. Th...

Tonno Grigliato

Grilled tuna, a popular dish in the Aegadian Islands, especially in Favignana, is cooked with onions or in a sweet and sour sauce. The best time to enjoy it is in May and June, when the tuna routes pa...

Vastedda del Belice PDO

The only Italian PDO stretched curd cheese produced from sheep’s milk, Vastedda is made from the milk of the Belice sheep, an indigenous breed that is found in the area between Trapani, Agrigento and ...

Muccunetti di Mazara del Vallo

Mazara del Vallo
These sweets with pumpkin derive from the exquisite claustral tradition, a tradition that was created to support the convents – as pastries represented a source of income – and which has become a corn...

Valli Trapanesi Olive Oil PDO

The landscape of the west of Sicily is characterised by the foliage of the olive trees that dot the countryside; an ancient, typically Mediterranean tree that spread to this part of the island under t...
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