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Covid-19 safety informations

Book a holiday in Western Sicily, one thing is certain: it will be one of the most beautiful holidays of your life and also in safety!

The main ports and airports in Birgi, Palermo, and Catania are fully operational, adhering to the current anti-Covid prevention regulations. Additionally, the municipalities have adopted and implemented measures for managing the COVID-19 emergency throughout the territory.

Which services are available?

Accommodations, wining and dining establishments, museums, art and cultural sites, shops, markets, offices, and beauty institutes are all open and operational. These services are provided with safety, responsibility, and sustainability, without compromising their essential characteristics.

Please note that to ensure the safe use of these services, it is always necessary to maintain a minimum interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter and wear a mask when this distance cannot be guaranteed.

If it is not possible to maintain the minimum interpersonal distance or if mask-wearing is not required, the service providers will provide you with additional precautions to ensure your safety. Some activities may require mandatory reservations to optimize service organization.


Can you go to the beach?

Certainly, as long as you adhere to the main rules, such as avoiding gatherings and maintaining a minimum interpersonal distance of at least one meter on public beaches. In private beach resorts, it is recommended to follow the instructions provided by the individual operators.


Can you engage in sports activities?

Absolutely! It is permitted to engage in outdoor sports or physical activities in equipped areas, public parks, or accessible spaces, as long as the minimum safety distance of at least two meters is maintained for sports activities and at least one meter for other activities. Individual sports typically practiced on the beach or in the water can be enjoyed while observing interpersonal distancing measures. For team sports, it will be necessary to comply with the regulations set by the competent authorities.


Are public transportation services operating regularly?

Urban, suburban, and rail transport networks are operational, albeit with reduced seating capacity to ensure safe distances. Remember that wearing a mask is mandatory on public transportation. Public transportation operates on weekdays and weekends, with some reductions in services.


What should you do if you suspect you have contracted the virus while in Western Sicily?

If you experience symptoms or suspect that you have been infected, do not go to the hospital or healthcare facilities. Instead, immediately contact the toll-free number 800.458.787 provided by the Sicilian Regional Government for the Covid-19 health emergency. The helpline is available 24/7 to assist all citizens who have doubts about having contracted the virus. The operators will provide information and assistance regarding the prevention measures implemented in Sicily and nationwide.



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