A “stroll” through underwater museums - West of Sicily

A “stroll” through underwater museums

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The west of Sicily has something unique that deserves to be experienced up close: diving to discover the accessible wrecks that lie on the seabed in areas of outstanding beauty and natural value, enhanced by the presence of local fauna and flora.

In these waters, the archaeological remains tell their story fragment by fragment.
In Pantelleria, Marsala and San Vito Lo Capo, with the wrecks of the Amphorae, the Macine and the famous Kent – a 1970s commercial ship – and above all in Levanzo, at Cala Minnola, with its important wreck of a Roman cargo ship with a cargo of Dressel 1b wine amphorae.
These are classified routes that have been made accessible for an unusual and exciting approach to discovery and knowledge.

On the portal www.regione.sicilia.it, you can find data on all the routes, with indications of the types of visible finds, depth and degree of difficulty.

An experience that’s just a diving licence away!