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Médithéâtres: an artistic link between West of Sicily and Tunisia.

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Discovering the art and culture of the Mediterranean through music with the Médithéâtres project: a bridge that connects Western Sicily and Tunisia, recalling the ancient cultural ties and roots that these territories have in common.

If you plan to visit Western Sicily, this is the perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Mediterranean culture. Between archaeological sites and sunset aperitifs, you can attend engaging theater performances and concerts, completing your experience with unique emotions that you won’t easily forget.

But what is it all about?

Médithéâtres is a project co-financed by the European Union as part of the ENI Cross-Border Cooperation Program Italy-Tunisia 2014-2020, which has created a center of excellence in the performing arts sector in the Mediterranean region.

The lead organization of this initiative is the “Ente Luglio Musicale Trapanese,” which aims to unite Italian and Tunisian cultures through performances, works, workshops, and informative sessions, promoting virtuous economic and cultural cooperation.

Recognized since 2003 by ministerial decree as a “Theater of Tradition,” the “Ente Luglio Musicale Trapanese” has deep roots in the theatrical history of Trapani dating back to the late 19th century. Over time, the organization has developed independent stage design facilities and inaugurated seasons of opera with great appeal, as well as concerts, ballets, and performances integrated into the national theater circuit.

On September 25th, the inaugural event of Médithéâtres took place, where the audience had the privilege of witnessing a unique performance that highlighted two masterpieces of classical music: J.S. Bach’s Suite No. 3 in D Major BWV 1068 and G.B. Pergolesi’s “La serva padrona.”

Already in December 2022, the project had staged Gaetano Donizetti’s “L’Elisir d’Amore” at the Théâtre de l’Opéra in Tunis, and soon the program will expand with more engaging and emotionally charged performances in the month of December. An unrepeatable opportunity to fully enjoy the artistic heritage of Western Sicily, which continues to be a territory rich in cultural initiatives catering to all types of audiences.

Among the project partners are also the “Amici della Musica di Trapani” (now Me.Ma – Mediterranean Music Association) for the Italian part and the “Agence de Mise en Valeur du Patrimoine et de Promotion Culturelle-AMVPPC,” “Confédération des Entreprises Citoyennes de Tunisie-CONECT,” and the “Théâtre de l’Opéra de Tunis-TOT” for the Tunisian part.

The project arises within the framework of a Framework Partnership Agreement also signed by the Municipality of Trapani. The cross-border approach will create synergy between Italy and Tunisia, consistent with ancient cultural and economic ties and common Mediterranean roots.

This unique opportunity will allow you to discover Mediterranean music through the eyes of two cultures as different as they are similar, complementing and inspiring each other to build new growth opportunities for the communities.

For this occasion, special 3.5 and 7-day tours have been created, allowing you to discover the beauty of Western Sicily while attending the scheduled performances. To further strengthen the connection established with Tunisia for this occasion, three special tours of the city of Tunis have also been designed.

To stay updated on the project and explore itinerary proposals, please refer to the tours below or visit the website www.meditheatres.eu.