Paths and caves to discover - West of Sicily

Paths and caves to discover



In the west of Sicily, nature reserves express the essence of the nature of this landscape, set between a coastline with crystal-clear seas and views that stretch to the horizon.
The Agro-Ericino Trail Network will lead you on a path of discovery to an ancient dimension, where you can immerse yourself in the history and nature of these places.
In the Bosco di Scorace and the Bosco Alcamo, paths that wind through the luxuriant vegetation will take you on a journey of discovery through unspoilt nature.
In the Grotta Santa Ninfa nature reserve and the Bosco Finestrelle, you can discover a nature park, surrounded by chalk mountains, caves and ancient oaks. Here, as well as enjoying the experience of an invigorating trek along the marked trails, you can go caving in the karst cave after which the nature reserve is named.