About us

The Western Sicily Tourist Division is a Foundation born aiming at promoting the uniqueness of Western Sicily resources. This area of Sicily is an extraordinary tourist destination that combines culture, artistic and monumental heritage, environmental wealth and excellent food and wine.

The Division was established to combine all entities, public and private, engaged in various capacities in the planning and implementation of policies aimed at developing tourism in the very edge of western Sicily. The division has proved to be an harbour of ideas and projects that have often provided valid solutions for the improvement of tourism in this part of Sicily.

Distretto Turistico Sicilia Occidentale
Via Mafalda Savoia, 26 – 91100 Trapani (TP)


History and Culture of Western Sicily 


Starting from Prehistory, Western Sicily has been inhabited by people and civilizations very different from each other, Elymians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Arabs, Normans and Hispanics. This territory, once occupied by the Elymians, is an amazing stratification of history and cultures, this peculiarity is now reflected in cultural, artistic and archaeological manifestations.
Gentle slopes cultivated with vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields, together with its dazzling maritime sceneries determine the uniqueness of this territory.
An exceptional historical-archaeological heritage is set here, in this unique landscape, but not only!
Here, nature is rich in scenery ideal for many outdoor activities.
Last, but not least, Western Sicily is a land of traditional food and wine: from wine productions, to dairy products, typical recipes and sublime patisserie.



Geography facts


Western Sicily has some of the most beautiful coastlines in the entire region, along on the north western side, near the Egadi archipelago. The wide sandy beaches, small bays and nature reserves characterize this territory. The hilly areas, behind the sea, enclose reserves, woods and a rich flora. The large olive groves, orchards and cultivated fields evoke landscapes of Tunisia, which is only a few miles away.