Buy a house for only 1 euro and move to Salemi - West of Sicily
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24 Gennaio 2023

Buy a house for only 1 euro and move to Salemi

The initiative of the municipality has also made news on BBC.

The city of Salemi, a precious jewel of Western Sicily and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is the protagonist of an extraordinary urban regeneration initiative. This is the “1 Euro House” project, for which it is really possible to buy a property starting from a minimum and symbolic investment of only one euro. By owning a part of the Salemi territory, you can contribute to making the city more eco-sustainable and up-to-date. The only constraint? A promise of renovation.

The initiative has made so much news that it has become the protagonist of an eight-episode format, produced by the BBC and already aired on January 6th on BBC One, with the first episode entitled “Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job”.

The program will follow, step by step, the phases of renovation of the houses, in line with the needs of ecology and innovation. Born from a vision of the former mayor Vittorio Sgarbi and carried forward by the current mayor Domenico Venuti, the “1 Euro House” project shows how the potential inherent in the soul of Salemi has attracted public and private interest, thus becoming the theater of a great revolution.

Divided into three main areas, such as the historic center rich in ancient architectural treasures, the new city dating back to the 1970s, and the hills dotted with villas in the greenery, the fascinating village has also attracted many young university students to take an interest in its archaeological and architectural treasures. This contributes to making Salemi the ideal place for those who dream of living immersed in the scent of olive groves and vineyards, but still surrounded by the allure of a millennial history.

It is precisely the combination of environment and cultural heritage that makes it a perfect destination for tourists and for those who want to take a breath of fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. The village, moreover, included in the Sicilian Castles Network, is so rich in beauties that it has received several awards.

Its historical-artistic treasures include numerous monuments and churches, but also works that can be admired inside the many museums that Salemi is dotted with.

Therefore, a positive revolution in the name of sustainability, the one that sees Salemi as the protagonist; a great intuition that has become reality, which continues to bring new life to this place once undervalued.

If you want to know more details about the “Casa a 1 Euro” initiative, visit the “1 Euro Home” page.