Salemi - West of Sicily


One of the most beautiful villages in Italy. And, therefore, in the world.

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Museums Complex of Salemi

The fascinating village of Salemi is full of museums, many of which are gathered within the Museums Complex, carefully preserving its precious historical and artistic heritage. The Museums Complex ...


A sweet listed in the register of traditional Sicilian agri-food products , the cubbaita, a sweet of Arab origin, owes its deliciousness to almonds and honey. An irresistible almond cake, sometimes...

Sfince di San Giuseppe

Traditionally made for the feast of San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph’s Day), 19 March, sfince are said to have ancient origins, as suggested by the etymology of their name, of Latin origin: “spongia”, a sof...


Buseto Palizzolo
This traditional fresh pasta from the cuisine of Trapani, in the shape of thin tubes wound around each other, is said to have inherited its name from the tool traditionally used to make it. There a...


This name, of Arabic origin, means sheep’s milk ricotta and whey. A ricotta so fresh that it has not yet firmed up, as it has just come to the surface of the whey. Savouring this soft and sweet-smelli...

Vastedda del Belice PDO

The only Italian PDO stretched curd cheese produced from sheep’s milk, Vastedda is made from the milk of the Belice sheep, an indigenous breed that is found in the area between Trapani, Agrigento and ...

Valli Trapanesi Olive Oil PDO

The landscape of the west of Sicily is characterised by the foliage of the olive trees that dot the countryside; an ancient, typically Mediterranean tree that spread to this part of the island under t...

Jesuit Church (main church)

This baroque church dedicated to Sant’Ignazio di Loyola has a facade that features four spiral columns wound with vine spirals to the sides of the entrance. Founded at the end of the 17th century, ...

Church and Cloister of Sant’Agostino

This original 13th-century church is one of the oldest in Salemi and was built next to Porta Aquila, a city gate that has now been lost. On the facade, two niches accommodate the statues of Saints ...

Piazza Dittatura and Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall)

Salemi’s main square takes its name from the “dictatorship” declared by Garibaldi on 14 May 1860, in the name of Victor Emmanuel II. From the Palazzo Comunale, Garibaldi declared Salemi the first capi...

Piazza Alicia

This iconic square houses the remains of the former Chiesa Madre (main church). Built on the ruins of a mosque, it was rebuilt in the 17th century but almost destroyed in the 1968 earthquake, and is n...

Arab-Norman castle

The Arab-Norman castle dominates the monumental landscape of Salemi and is an exceptional example of medieval architecture in the west of Sicily. A first fortification was built in the Norman perio...
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