Castles and Historical Buildings - West of Sicily

Castles and Historical Buildings

Dream architecture created to be admired.

These buildings are testimony to important moments in the history of Sicily, times of multiple invasions and influences of various origins.

Medieval sixteenth and seventeenth centuries walls, mighty fortresses, towers and castles on high grounds characterize several villages in naturally defended, strategic and coastal locations.

Ancient tuna fishery of Scopello and Faraglioni

Castellammare del Golfo
Sharp cliffs and two stacks, now symbols of the place, dive into the clear waters of the Scopello sea, just a few kilometres from the southern entrance to the Riserva dello Zingaro, amidst the bright ...

Tower of Nubia

The tower, with a square plan, has three floors reachable by an external staircase, which leads to a terrace above, reaching a total height of about fifteen meters. The ground floor, originally the "p...

Ruins of Poggioreale Antica

Like a recent Pompeii, ancient Poggioreale is a theatre of ruins between drama and poetry, characterized by the suspension of time: a place of memory that tells the life of a community crystallized be...

Castello Grifeo

The Castello del Grifeo was the fulcrum of Partanna’s defensive system and takes its name from the 12th-century fief in which it stood. The imposing building is one of the best-preserved fortresses in...

Piazza Dittatura and Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall)

Salemi’s main square takes its name from the “dictatorship” declared by Garibaldi on 14 May 1860, in the name of Victor Emmanuel II. From the Palazzo Comunale, Garibaldi declared Salemi the first capi...

Arab-Norman castle

The Arab-Norman castle dominates the monumental landscape of Salemi and is an exceptional example of medieval architecture in the west of Sicily. A first fortification was built in the Norman perio...

Saturno Fountain

This fountain has fourteenth-century origins (1342) and was built by the will of the Chiaramonte family in order to distribute water in the urban centre of Trapani, thanks to the aqueduct that they ha...


The Lazzaretto was born as a place of isolation for those infected with infectious diseases who had landed at the port of Trapani. For this reason, it was built on the small island of Sant'Antonio, wh...

Colombaia Castle

With a history that probably dates back to the First Punic War, the Colombaia Castle is a fascinating fortress surrounded by the sea, which stands on a small island at the eastern end of the port, par...

Fortifications, City Doors, Walls and Bastions

Trapani became for want of the emperor Carlo V Urbs invictissima, thanks to the strengthening of its defensive system that, still today, is visible and enriches of historical and monumental fascinatio...

Palace of the Post Office

This palace (1927) is a representative Art Nouveau building, designed by the architect Francesco La Grassa. It is an example of the early twentieth century refined style with its typical floral decora...

Palazzo D’Alì

This symbolic city palace, testimony of the expansion and urban mutation of the city at the end of the nineteenth century, beginning of the twentieth, is now the seat of the Municipality.  The pala...
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