The flavors of West of Sicily - West of Sicily
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4 Agosto 2023

The flavors of West of Sicily

Western Sicily is the place where every stay turns into a complete sensory experience, where taste reigns supreme. It boasts a rich gastronomic tradition, making the island famous for its authentic cuisine infused with Mediterranean and Arab influences, resulting in an incredible variety of flavors and delightful dishes.

A true paradise for food enthusiasts, where passion and love for food blend into a culinary journey full of delicacies.


Cassatelle in brodo

In Valderice, on the occasion of family lunches, celebrations, and large gatherings, they prepare, strictly in large quantities, “cassatelle in brodo“. This simple yet flavorful dish has its roots in the peasant tradition: it is a ravioli made with durum wheat semolina, filled with ricotta, and cooked in either meat broth or, in more innovative versions, fish broth. This is just one of the many delicacies you can enjoy during your stay in Western Sicily.

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Cassatelle fritte

Kneaded, rolled, and filled with love, fried cassatelle are an irresistible ode to the culinary tradition of Western Sicily. The perfect union of delicious layers of pasta and ricotta filling, immersed in boiling oil, gives this delightful typical dish a golden hue. The result is a dessert that captivates the palate with its contrasting flavors, a true pleasure for lovers of traditional pastries, carrying with it centuries of local culinary history.

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Cous Cous

The province of Trapani is renowned as the homeland of Fish Couscous, a unique culinary delicacy that reflects the influence of different cultures that have crossed paths in Sicily over the centuries. The flavor of the rich fish soup imparts to anyone who tastes it the full essence of Mediterranean cuisine. A singular dish that will add even more flavor to your journey in Western Sicily.

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Pane cunzatu

Immerse yourself in the charm of Western Sicily with every bite of Pane Cunzatu and let yourself be captivated by the authentic aromas and flavors of this delicacy. A base of rustic wood-fired focaccia, filled with a variety of typical regional ingredients: sliced pizzutello tomatoes, salted anchovies, caciocavallo cheese, fragrant oregano, and a generous drizzle of Sicilian extra virgin olive oil that wraps it all in a delightful embrace of taste. A unique delicacy that embodies the authentic flavor of Sicilian cuisine, a true explosion of goodness for the palate.

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Pesto alla Trapanese

Pesto alla Trapanese is a typical dish from the city of Trapani, a celebration of the freshness and authenticity of local ingredients. The intense aroma of fresh basil, the crunchiness of almonds, combined with ripe tomatoes, garlic, Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, and a touch of salt, make Pesto alla Trapanese an irresistible sauce that overflows with culinary tradition with every bite. A true symphony of flavors to savor and appreciate during your stay in Western Sicily.

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Dolci di fico

Often prepared to brighten up the Christmas holidays, but not limited to that, “dolci di fico” (fig sweets) are a culinary gem of Western Sicily. A delightful pleasure for both young and old, these sweets with their sweet and aromatic filling based on dried figs represent a precious part of the tradition. The combination of local ingredients with a unique touch of spices makes “dolci di fico” a gastronomic experience impossible to forget.

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Sicilian Pignolata is a symbol of festivity and tradition. Delicious round and crunchy fried dough balls, immersed in the sweetness of honey and scented with citrus and cinnamon, creating a veritable pyramid of goodness. Every Sicilian family has its secret recipe, passed down with love from generation to generation, making Pignolata a symbol of unity and sharing during the holidays and special occasions in Western Sicily.

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In Western Sicily, the food and wine experience is a journey within a journey, a path to discover the true flavors of the Mediterranean. Its bold yet genuine tastes are the result of years of cultural layering, making it familiar to anyone. The numerous dominations that the island has undergone have allowed Sicily to enrich its culture with influences from Greek, Hispanic, Norman, and Arab traditions.

Embark on a journey through the history of the Mediterranean, try your hand at preparing these recipes, and tag us using the hashtag #westofsicily – we will be delighted to share!