Beaches, Coves and Sea Caves - West of Sicily

Beaches, Coves and Sea Caves

Fairytale places where you are the main character.

Sandy beaches where your gaze is lost between the blue sea in front and the mountains behind.

Cliffs outcropping, depths abounding in fish, the many hidden coves to be reached by boat, caves full of history: these are the many forms that characterize the sea in western Sicily. And that will take an important place in your heart.

Coast and Beaches

Castellammare del Golfo
Along the coastline, beautiful sandy beaches and small coves with unique character are hidden, all connected by crystal-clear waters. Next to the castle, you'll find Cala Campana and Cala Petrolo, the...

Bue Marino

On the eastern side of the island is the cove of Bue Marino, an integral part of an ancient and evocative quarry of tuff "ad ingrottamento", offers clear waters in which to experience a dip in the blu...

Cala Bukutu

Inside the Bay of Cornino is Cove Bukutu (or Bugutu) which, in addition to its crystal clear waters, is famous for the "Madonna di Custonaci" celebrations. Baia Cornino 91015 Custonaci (TP) ...

Beaches of Trapani

In Trapani, in the heart of the city, you can enjoy beautiful beaches of golden sand and crystal clear waters. Along with the charming city beach near the ancient Walls of Tramontana, which is acce...

Creeks and beaches of Favignana

There are numerous coves and beaches that embellish the coasts of the island with their shapes lapped by the waters of an exceptional sea. In order not to lose even one of them, inform yourself and ch...

Creeks and beaches of Marettimo

Many of the coasts of the island offer exceptional coves and beaches in which to enjoy the bluest sea, there are some not to be missed, but certainly suitable for all tastes! For families are defin...

The caves of Marettimo

The caves of Marettimo - with their "talking" names that anticipate the characteristics - are an experience to live, all to be discovered, some even only by sea: in them both the seabed and their inte...

The bays of Levanzo

In Levanzo every cove is a place to discover and live intensely, immersed in the beauty of nature.  On the southern side of the island there is Cala Dogana, the pebble cove loved by families and cl...

Cave of the Genovese

A place of extraordinary charm, one of the most important prehistoric sites of the Mediterranean. This famous cave - a cavern of karst formation that is located along the northwestern coast of the ...

Valderice Sea, Beaches and Coves

Visiting Valderice you can easily reach the most beautiful beaches and cliffs of the area. In the fishing village of Bonagia there is a gulf from which you can reach sandy and pebble beaches overlooki...

Santa Margherita Bay

San Vito Lo Capo
It is called Bay of Santa Margherita the complex of beaches and coves between Castelluzzo and Makari. Specifically, the sandy cove of Santa Margherita takes its name from the chapel dedicated to Santa...

Cala Mancina

San Vito Lo Capo
Set between the exceptional dolomite walls, this cove is a must for lovers of sea and climbing.
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