Villas and Gardens - West of Sicily

Villas and Gardens


The villas and gardens of the towns in the west of Sicily will give you moments of rest and tranquility during your daily discoveries in this area.

Suburban park of Cerriolo

This park, which is located along the path that once connected the historical centre of Custonaci with the caves of Scurati, allows you to admire a wonderful scenery of the Gulf of Bonagia and to foll...

Belvedere “Giardini Angelo Messina”

Located in the historical centre of Custonaci in an area adjacent to the Town Hall, the Belvedere, with its gardens full of vegetation and a large panoramic terrace, offers the opportunity to embrace ...

Villa Margherita

This city park was opened to the public in 1889 and dedicated to Queen Margherita of Savoy. The area of the park, with a rectangular plan, has an entrance on each side and includes several elements of...

Balio Gardens

This elegant public garden, in English style, was born as a result of the intervention of the nineteenth century Count Agostino Pepoli, who transformed the area adjacent to the towers of Balio with th...