The land of the Florio, the family that changed Sicily | West of Sicily

The land of the Florio family

The places of “The Lions of Sicily”

Discover the land of the Florio family by retracing the steps of a family that has become a legend, an absolute protagonist of the Sicilian belle époque.

From the innovation of tuna fisheries, passing through the Art Nouveau buildings, to the intuition of the Marsala wine – the first Italian product recognized with DOC (Registered designation of origin) certification, the Florio family changed Sicily profoundly. Start your tour here to discover the places of The Lions of Sicily and their extraordinary cultural heritage.

Florio Palace

The palace of the famous family of entrepreneurs of Calabrian origin, which has projected Sicily into the industrial era, catches the eye as soon as you reach the port. Built on a project by the archi...

Marsala wine

It has a fascinating and ancient history, akin to the attraction that the great and gifted British merchants felt for these lands. This famous fortified wine, a fine distillate to be savoured slowl...