Scenic Attractions - West of Sicily

Scenic Attractions

Wonders within wonders.

The west of Sicily is an area to be experienced in all seasons of the year!

Let yourself be guided around the various scenic attractions that the west of Sicily has to offer. Windmills, 18th-century “bagli” (fortified farms), unique archaeological and historical evidence that will mark the rhythm of your walks along trails, encompassing villages, coastlines, panoramic points and picturesque views.

Path network of Agro Ericino

Since 2017, Erice is part of a wide-ranging project - funded by the Regional Department of Tourism in collaboration with GALelimos, CAI and Strada del Vino Erice DOC - involving several municipalities...

Cala Minnola

The splendid crystalline waters of Cala Minnola, as well as fish, are rich in important historical finds. The depths of the Egadi are themselves an underwater archaeological park. Between Cala M...

Favignana Tuff Quarries

The extraction of calcarenite has characterized the history of Favignana, especially the easternmost part of the island: this porous stone, typical of the land with calcareous and fossiliferous sandst...

Cave of the Horses

San Vito Lo Capo
It opens on Cala Mancina this important cave, both for its naturalistic value and for its historical-archaeological importance, since its findings testify to its human occupation since the Upper Paleo...

Cave of Cala Mancina

San Vito Lo Capo
Located about 500 meters north of the Cave of Horses houses rock graffiti and a paleo-Mesolithic deposit eneolithic.

Prehistoric Cave of the Uzzo

San Vito Lo Capo
This cave located at the centre of the Zingaro Nature Reserve is one of the most significant prehistoric sites in Sicily, fundamental to the knowledge of the evolution of human history thanks to resea...

Caves of Isulidda

San Vito Lo Capo
The exceptional figurative evidence of their walls in five caves testify to the presence of humans in this area since the Upper Paleolithic through the presence of engravings and cave paintings. Be...