Art and Culture: Museums - West of Sicily


From popular culture to great works.

Some museums are themselves majestic architectural testimonies, such as the windmills of the salt pans and the beams.

The territory is scattered with museums that provide information about history, archaeology, ancient handicraft traditions, and preserve the memory of ancient Sicilian trades and peasant culture.

Museums Complex of Salemi

The fascinating village of Salemi is full of museums, many of which are gathered within the Museums Complex, carefully preserving its precious historical and artistic heritage. The Museums Complex ...

Salt Culture Museum

The Museum of Salt Culture is for importance included in the official guide of the European Union dedicated to the museums of the Mediterranean. The museum, located in the mill, was commissioned by th...

Castello Grifeo

The Castello del Grifeo was the fulcrum of Partanna’s defensive system and takes its name from the 12th-century fief in which it stood. The imposing building is one of the best-preserved fortresses in...

Living Museum Mangiapane Cave

The Mangiapane Cave is the most famous of the Grotte Scurati (Scurati caves), inhabited by man since the Upper Palaeolithic, as suggested by the traces of human presence (flint tools, graffiti) that w...

Marble Exhibition Centre

The centre is the right place to discover the geological stratifications and lithic complexes of the territory, through surveys, photographs and samples of the extracted marbles. It also includes a sp...

Museum Center "Antonio Cordici

The Museum Center is characterized by the heterogeneity of its important collections.   Named after "Antonio Cordici", it was established in 1876 and some archaeological finds belonging to various ...

Museum of the Sea

This museum, which is located near the old port is a place full of stories, sea, people and maritime culture. Born by the will of the inhabitants of the island and promoted and managed by the Associat...

Diocesan Museum

Mazara del Vallo
The Diocesan Museum is located in the eighteenth-century Seminario dei Chierici, in Piazza della Repubblica. It houses a rich collection of sacred art, sculptures, furnishings and silverware related t...

Museum of the Satyr

Mazara del Vallo
The Museum of the Satyr tells the story of the submerged heritage of the Strait of Sicily, whose findings tell a millennial history of contacts between peoples and cultures. The Museum is located wit...

Regional Museum "Agostino Pepoli"

The museum is an unavoidable stop in Trapani, a building of great value that houses precious works of art. The Regional Museum "Agostino Pepoli" is an essential stop during the visit of this city b...