Frida Kahlo exhibition: “Portrait of a life” | West of Sicily
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9 Giugno 2022

Frida Kahlo exhibition: “Portrait of a life” at the MAC in Gibellina

From Wednesday 8 June, the Museum of Contemporary Art Ludovico Corrao in Gibellina hosts the Frida Kahlo exhibitionPortrait of a life“.

150 original photographs to tell the life, loves, friendships and, above all, the art of one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century.

Visitors will learn more about the artist’s world through the rich historical documentation and photos of some of the best photographers from that time, including Imogen Cunningham, Nickolas Muray, Leo Matiz, Lucienne Bloch and Edward Weston.

Living in Mexico between 1907 and 1954, Frida Kahlo was able to lay bare her restless soul through her autobiographical works, recounting through them an existence as tormented as it was extraordinary.

The exhibition will open Wednesday, June 8 at 18:30 and will be open until September 30.

The event enriches the full calendar of events scheduled in Western Sicily for the summer of 2022. A must-see cultural experience in your itinerary, to give you a break between pleasant days at the sea and walks to discover the beauties of the region.

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