Camper trip to Sicily: guide to the western part | West of Sicily
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15 Novembre 2022

Camper trip to Sicily: guide to the western part

Traveling by camper is a perfect way to discover Western Sicily. The extended times of an on the road trip offers the certainty of discovering all the most suggestive places, even the lesser known ones, of this splendid part of the island.
Sicily is often considered as a purely summer destination, given the abundance of splendid beaches and seaside places. However, considering the mild climate and low rainfall, we can say that there is no one season in which traveling is not recommended.

A trip during the low season allows to enjoy a series of experiences, that could not be had in the warmer months, to discover an unknown Sicily, more intimate and far from the crowded August beaches.

The concept of slow travel, a slow journey in touch with nature and local traditions, has gained considerable ground in recent years. The slow travel philosophy considers travel as an opportunity for personal growth, that also has an emotional impact on the traveller. Yet, we need to distinguish between traveller and tourist: tourists face the holiday as an opportunity for consumption, they need to see everything, try everything, even if the time available is limited; travellers, on the other hand, savour every moment of the journey, they try to have the most authentic experiences and attempt to discover the true identity of the places they visit.

Travelling by camper is one of the best ways to travel slowly and there are many travellers who decide to tour around Sicily by this means of transport.     

In this article we will see how and when to organize a trip to Sicily by camper: we will also give you a series of useful tips to make the most of this experience.

Are you ready to hit the road with us? Let’s start!


How to get to Western Sicily by camper


To reach Western Sicily by camper, the quickest alternative is to take a ferry that arrives at the port of Palermo (from Cagliari, Civitavecchia, Livorno or Genoa) and from there, travel on the motorway towards Trapani.

Alternatively, you can choose to arrive in Messina by crossing the evocative strait and then take the E 90 motorway towards Palermo-Trapani: an on the road trip from Messina to Western Sicily of about 3 and a half hours awaits you. This second option allows you to travel along an incredibly fascinating coastal road that crosses the entire Tyrrhenian coast and you might wish to take it into consideration if your tour of Western Sicily is part of a larger trip to the entire region or to Italy.

To find out how to reach some of the destinations not to be missed in Western Sicily, plan or define the routes in advance and choose how to get around best within the region.


Camping and agri-camping rest areas for travel by camper


Western Sicily is an area that offers numerous options for stopping and staying overnight with your camper. You will find equipped rest areas, campsites by the sea or surrounded by nature, but also areas free of charge where you can stay over.

There are many dedicated apps that can be very useful for planning your camping trip and finding the right areas for your needs. Don’t forget that, on the West of Sicily portal, you will also find advice on where to go for a tasting experience or on the most beautiful places worth visiting.



A trip to Sicily by camper: the musts of the western part


If you choose to travel in autumn or winter, you’ll avoid the period in which the island has the highest presence of both foreign and local tourists. Taking a trip from October onwards, you’ll enjoy a series of exclusive experiences, and lesser known ones, that are in no way inferior to summer activities. And what’s more, you can also experience a slow way of travelling, without the chaos typical of the warmer months.

Let’s go and see together the unmissable places and experiences for your tour of Western Sicily:

  • Trekking and walks amidst nature
    Sports and adventure in Western Sicily reserve unique emotions, the Zingaro Nature Reserve with its breathtaking landscapes should be visited both in summer and in winter; in fact, it extends for more than 7 kilometres from Scopello to San Vito and the paths cannot be fully appreciated during the hottest months of the year. Those who are brave enough, will no doubt not give up on a refreshing plunge in the crystalline and particularly cold waters of the reserve.


  • Visits to archaeological parks
    Sicily is rich in history and culture. The western part of the island allows visitors to discover some world-famous archaeological areas such as the one that preserves the Greek temples of Selinunte, or the archaeological park of Segesta, an ancient city inhabited by the Elimi population.


  • A tour of Erice
    In autumn, when the temperatures begin to drop, there is nothing more evocative than enjoying the dusk in the medieval village of Erice. For a complete experience, you can take the cable car from Trapani in the early afternoon and lose yourself in the narrow streets and stone alleys, while the town is enveloped in fog. You can warm up with a freshly baked ‘Genovese’ in one of the renowned pastry shops in Erice.


  • The Belice Valley
    Another destination suitable for both an autumn or winter tour is located in the area between Gibellina and Poggioreale, cities that were unfortunately destroyed by the 1968 earthquake.
    Poggioreale is a ghost town that was abandoned immediately after the earthquake, which, with its eerie charm, has become a sort of modern Pompeii. Gibellina has, instead, become an international hub of contemporary art with its Museo delle Trame Mediterranee and the many works created by artists of the calibre of Mimmo Paladino and Pietro Consagra. The most famous work in the area is without a doubt the Cretto di Burri; the memorial to all the victims of the Belice earthquake, which is also one of the largest land art works in Europe.


Western Sicily is thus an ideal destination to experience with your camper all year round, not just during the summer. Still waiting to pack your bags?