A journey into taste: what to eat in Sicily - West of Sicily
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14 Giugno 2022

A journey into taste: what to eat in Sicily

A crossroads of cultural contaminations, Sicily is among the top favourite destinations for European and overseas tourists, especially when it comes to unique food and wine experiences.

The eastern part of the island offers unmissable delicacies, a real journey within the journey to discover the typical dishes and products of the region. A wide and variegated gastronomic selection, which even includes numerous Slow Food presidia.

But what to eat during a holiday in the West of Sicily?
Before sharing this secret, we must warn you: once you’ve tasted such delicacies, there’s no going back!

There is no point in getting around it: Sicilian desserts are a masterpiece of taste.
These delicacies are often linked to ancient traditions and festivities. Imagine enjoying a fried sfincia filled with ricotta cheese on St Joseph’s Day (19 March) or the cuccìa made with cooked wheat and ricotta, chocolate or custard in honour of St Lucia (13 December). Not to mention the cassatelle from Castellammare del Golfo, the cubbaita from Trapani and, again, the cannoli from Paceco or the spincia from Custonaci. Every bite will simply fill you with rapture.

On this extraordinary island, the fruits of the earth cannot but be extraordinary too.
From the “nocellara” olive of Belice (double PDO denomination) to the PGI capers of Pantelleria, from the red garlic of Nubia to the “pizzutello” tomato. Here, local products unleash unique aromas and flavours that make for world-famous dishes.

It is no coincidence that San Vito Lo Capo’s cous cous is the star of an international festival, held every year in September. No less important is Trapani’s pizza rianata, which brings out all the typical flavours of local products. Its name means ‘seasoned with oregano’, an aroma that is combined with red garlic, pizzutello tomato and also anchovies, pecorino cheese, PDO oil and salt from the salt mines.

Plenty of products and lots of gastronomic events too. From Fishtuna, a food festival held on the beautiful island of Favignana, to the Sagra della Busiata in the alleys of the historic centre of Salemi. From Aglio Rosso Experience, through Stragusto, a street food fair in the fascinating historic centre of Trapani, to Rosso aglio & Bianco sale.

In short, if there is one thing you must not do during a holiday in Sicily, it is worry about extra kilos. Nothing that cannot be made up with a walk among the architectural and scenic beauties or a day of sport in contact with nature.