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Off the beaten track

Trekking / Hiking / Backpacking


For hikers, the west of Sicily offers a wealth of trails where you can experience nature at a slow pace. 

You can enjoy paths through woodland and rural landscapes, encountering natural and historical architecture of rare beauty. Walking along ancient droveways, you can experience nature that remains authentic, just a short distance from some of the most fascinating villages in Italy. 

  • Among nature in the Rete sentieristica dell’Agro Ericino (Agro Ericino Trail Network) (
  • Along the paths of the Bosco Scorace.
  • In the nature of Custonaci, towards La Bufara or Rio Forgia.
  • Discovering the Aegadian Islands while trekking.
  • Tracing the footsteps of the Garibaldini (Garibaldi’s men) on their route from Marsala to Calatafimi, passing through Salemi.