Multicultural long before New York - West of Sicily

Multicultural long before New York

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The territory of this corner of Sicily has been shaped by myths and legends and its multicultural roots are clearly discernible. Land of the Elymians first and foremost, the west of Sicily has also been inhabited by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish, all of whom, exploiting the resources that have always made this a unique territory, left a profound cultural imprint. With its gentle slopes planted with vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields, its dazzling seascapes that dominate the landscape and its unique historical and archaeological heritage, the west of Sicily offers a thousand voyages in one.

So, you can begin at the temple and theatre of a major Elymian city, in the Archaeological Park of Segesta, then head to Phoenician Motya and immerse yourself the folds of the white marble robe of the so-called Giovinetto (Charioteer of Motya), and from there climb Monte Erice, towards the castle, where an ancient and hugely significant Elymian sanctuary once stood. Next, head to Salemi, to discover its Arab-Norman castle, and then south to Mazara del Vallo, to wander through the enchanting streets of its Medina.