Heaven on Earth - West of Sicily

Heaven on Earth

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In Custonaci, you can follow a sensory path that winds for about 4 km from the Sanctuary of Maria SS. of Custonaci, through the Rocca Cerriolo park and towards the small village of Scurati, entering the Monte Cofano  natural reserve to reach the Cappella del Crocifisso (Chapel of the Crucifix).

It is a route that combines the discovery of the perfection of nature, understood as divine creation, with the discovery of places of faith in the area. Along the route, which is mostly composed of ancient mule tracks, forgotten droveways, dirt roads and trails, you’ll have the chance to visit a landscape that is rich in caves, such as the famous Grotto Mangiapane, the Torre di S. Giovanni and, above all, to experience mercifully unspoilt nature

 This is a route for all those who feel the need to approach nature and the beauty of creation with a spirit of admiration and contemplation, offering visitors, whose everyday lives are hectic and full of noise, moments of respite that allow them to rediscover themselves and their inner serenity through breathtaking landscapes.